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Leaders in Protecting Employee Rights

Welcome to the Oklahoma Employment Lawyers Association (OELA). OELA is an organization of Oklahoma attorneys dedicated to the diligent representation of plaintiffs who have been discriminated against, harassed and/or retaliated against by their employers. We are a non-profit organization focused on furthering the education of OELA attorneys, who focus their legal practice on protecting employee rights.

Through targeted coordination and sharing of information, OELA assists plaintiff-oriented attorneys in prosecuting employment law cases. This includes exchanging legal authority, briefs, court orders, strategies and information about particular defendants.

Since 1999, OELA began as the first chapter in the State of Oklahoma to affiliate with the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA). By affiliating with NELA, the members of the OELA receive discounts for joining NELA and participating in the NELA events, which include numerous CLE events and use of resource materials.

OELA meets monthly as a full group and committees perform a great deal of work during the course of the year.

Perhaps the greatest use of OELA is the sharing of legal documentation, advice, and strategies to help better prepare plaintiff's attorneys for employment litigation issues. Our members have access to a Brief Bank and members-only Listserve that allows access to, and exchange of, information including legal authority, court orders and other information vital to representing plaintiffs.

Current Officers

Founder/Past President
Mark E. Hammons

Amber L. Hurst

Vice President
Leah M. Roper

Barrett Bowers

Kristin Richards

Public Relations Officer
Patricia Podolec